Business  Mentoring



Have a clear map of what you need to do to get your biz up and running.

Create offerings and programs your ideal client has been dreaming of.

Have clients knocking on your door versus you hunting them down.

Overcome imposter syndrome so you can get out of  your own way.

Have a clear, organized strategy for social media.

Know exactly how to create content that attracts your dream clients.

Have a clear niche so you can stand out from others in your industry.

& have a partner (me!) inside of your business with you to help you grow!


Hi Friend, I’m Andrea!


I’m a FNTP, RWP & Business Mentor

I started my nutrition business, Balance Made Simple, in July of 2020, and within 5 months I was able to match my corporate income and quit my full-time job. Now I have a thriving, yet sustainable online practice that includes courses, group programs & 1:1 support.

When I graduated the NTA, and saw how little business and getting started was covered. I KNEW once I got to a place in my business, ironically where I am now, that I wanted to start helping others get started. Business doesn’t need to be complicated, and neither does attracting your ideal clients.

I’ve been exactly where you are, worried about getting clients, not sure how to run a business, and trying to figure out how to use Instagram in my favor. & now I'm helping other health and wellness professionals build the business of their dreams with tried & true strategies.

Business isn't something you have to figure out ALL on your own - let's normalize getting help where we need it, just like we do for our dream clients.


Let's make business simple!


Which one sounds like you?

You may or may not have had your first few client(s) yet. But you're getting stuck trying to figure out how to launch your business & turn it profitable! are looking for an actionable plan to make your dream business a reality!

Lets launch your biz!

You're already working with clients, but you're ready for more. More ways to work with you, ways to make more money & have systems that allow you to EXPAND and scale your current business!

Let's up-level your biz!